Monday, April 1, 2013

Samsung Rex 60 C3312R Hard Reset Instructions

Samsung Rex 60 C3312R Hard Reset Instructions - The Samsung Rex 60 C3312R is dual sim phone for indian market. The phone was relesed on 2013, March (last month). It's work on GSM network with frequency of 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900.  If you owner of this phone, do you know how to hard reset for Samsung Rex 60 C3312R? Ok, we have tutorial / guide or instructions for it. How step by step? Please read below:

Step by step to hard reset for Samsung Rex 60 C3312R:
First, Enter *2767*3855# . Don,t forget, always backup you important data like messages, contacts and other because it's will be lost.

Then, if you back to default settings, the following default security phone lock code preset 00000000 / eight zeros

The above instructions, hope can help you.


  1. there is no * button is locked ! help

    1. on the mbl and go to the emergency call then open the keypad and enter the code

  2. there is no * and # buttoer in phone how to insert *and #

  3. after I insert the SIM there is the* button & there is not # & the * button also not applicable

  4. It Really works... Thank u so much

  5. pls help when i enter the code then error shown wrong code

  6. i try to hard reset is but the sim lock is still not remove every time i insert sim it wont open because of the sim lock

  7. code is right it is works thanks for u..